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Supporting scholar's development and learning


Engaging Learners

A holistic approach will be used to support your child’s developmental and learning needs, as well as prepare them for success BEYOND elementary school.

Educational Advising

We’re here to help your child overcome academic challenges and achieve academic success. Our small group and 1:1 sessions are designed to:

  • Cultivate a safe and enriching learning environment

  • Enhance math, literacy, and communication skills

  • Develop curriculum-related activities targeted to specific learning gaps

  • Foster independent learning 

  • Stimulate a growth mindset

How It Works

Step 1: Fill out a request form

Complete the service request form. 

Step 2: Schedule a consultation

We will contact you to schedule a 15-min discussion to gain a better understanding of the options that best meet your schedule and service needs.

Step 3: Take an initial assessment 

The initial assessment will help us identify your child’s strengths and learning needs, as well as help us establish appropriate goals/services that best suit your child.


Step 4: Customized Session
Teaching strategies will be adjusted accordingly and concepts/skills will be reviewed to prepare your child for the next grade level.


Step 5: Weekly Progress Report
Weekly progress reports will include updates on your child’s performance based on assessment results.




  • What programs are offered?

We offer live interactive sessions that include academic support to scholars with or without exceptional needs, as well as job preparation coaching services to diverse backgrounds.

  • What are the teaching methods used for the academic portion of the program?

Each scholar is unique and learns at his or her own pace, therefore teaching methods will be tailored to address individual needs and support cognitive growth. Each session will be modified to ensure that your child is able to process information and acquire knowledge/skills.

  • Do the instructors/counselors have special certifications?

Yes! We will match you with qualified, dedicated educators and learning/reading specialists.

  • Does the program provide testing/evaluation services?

Absolutely! Before getting started with online or in-person tutoring, your child will need to take an initial assessment to help us identify their current academic level and learning needs. Assessments will be given on an ongoing basis to monitor and evaluate your child’s progress, as well as determine accommodations that need to be integrated during tutoring sessions.


  • Is there a late, refund, or cancellation policy?

If you are late to any session, no adjustments will be made for time lost due to high demands of other scheduled sessions. 

Please note that there is a No Refund Policy for the service(s). Payments will not be refunded. We understand that extenuating circumstances (serious illness or injury) may happen, therefore you must provide supporting documents to verify your claims.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, give 24-hour advance notice in which case no fee will be incurred. Please contact us via phone or text at 914)294-5032 to make a cancellation [please no emails].


Get Started Today! 

Your child's academic future starts here...

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