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Tips to Transform Summer Learning

As summer break approaches, you can help your child stay on track and prepare for the next grade level.

When I was a child, my mother ensured that I exercised skills/concepts that I would need for the upcoming school year. For example, I would read a chapter book and write weekly reports to demonstrate a deep understanding of the text. This was a great opportunity to PRACTICE and PRACTICE until I achieved mastery. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. In short, at-home summer learning can alleviate stress and frustration for children when they return back to the classroom. Why? The content will be slightly familiar because they practiced during the summer.

Here are some strategies/tips for closing academic gaps while also keeping your child engaged during the summer months:

  1. Create a structured routine/schedule - Follow a structured daily routine that involves learning. Set aside time for reading, math practice, or other educational activities (such as conducting science experiments, writing a short story, or creating artwork). For example, Monday and Wednesday can be used to read a short story/text and answer comprehension questions. This should take no more than an hour.

  2. Embrace safe use of technology - Make learning enjoyable and accessible. There are age-appropriate educational apps, websites, and online platforms that include interactive lessons, quizzes, and educational games. Find online resources that align with your child's interests and academic needs.

  3. Pursue personalized learning - Review your child's report card or past conversations with their teachers to determine their academic needs. Then, tailor summer learning activities to target specific areas of support. For example, practice math skills, improve writing skills, or enhance critical thinking abilities.

  4. Enroll in Summer programs - Look for programs that offer academic support and enrichment. Find a summer program that mixes educational activities with recreational fun.

  5. REST! Get enough sleep and remain hydrated.

YOU [parents or guardians] can make a huge difference in closing the academic gap during the summer months. Encourage a love for learning, incorporate structured routines, and use technology/real-world experiences.

Summer can be a time of continued growth, curiosity, and academic progress for your child. Let's make this summer a transformative learning experience!

Please book a free consultation with us if you are concerned about your child's academic needs and want your child to have a bright academic future!

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